Why Does A Dental Patient Stay With The Same Dentist For Over 30 Years?
I am EVELYN M. BARTOLOME, a businesswoman and resident of Pasig and Makati City, and a U.S. immigrant. I am under the dental care of Dr. ERLINDA DYSON since I was in my late 30s.

I am now 64 years old, and I have not tried shifting to other dentists for my dental care for the following reasons: she is very precise in her dental diagnosis and judgement because of her years of training and practice here in the Philippines and in the United States.

She maintains a very professional conduct and profiles which manifest in her being very accommodating and timely with her patients in addressing their dental concerns. She presents and maintains a very reputable state-of-the-art clinic located at the prestigious Century City at the heart of Makati.

She offers very reasonable charging on the procedures she is serving her patients; and on top of all, her excellence in dental practice is not just baked-up by frames on the wall, but by the words coming from patients that she had served through the years.

I hereby attest to the truth of the above-mentioned statements.


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