Linda, California, U.S.A
The indications and versatility of Dental Implants have increased

Lorna Linda University, School of Dentistry in the U.S.A, mentioned that long term successful outcomes depend significantly on the clinicians experience in doing the procedures.

Implants were twice as likely to fail if the surgeon had performed less than 50 implantations in his/her career, their reports say.

In our dental clinic, we practice new dental implant techniques known as “Flap-less (Drill less Surgery” and immediate loading dental implants surgery

In the Flap-lesss procedure – Gum tissue is left intact during the entire surgery, no removal of blood circulation to the gums – faster healing period.

For some years, the treatment for those who lost their teeth are Dental Implants.

Traditional Implants consist of IMplant placement and then tooth restoration after 3 to 6 months, so the bone attaches to Dental Implant. Many find it inconvenient and take a long time.

In some cases, Immediate Loading Dental Implants Procedures are the better choice than Delayed conventional Implants.

Immediate Dental Implants are cheaper than its counterparts, It’s made of the same material, same procedures done by well known big Dental Implant Companies.

Also another plus is the patient does not have to come back after 6 months. Spend for the materials, abutments) for the second stage surgery in the Delayed aConventional Implants, spend again on flight to and from the clinic in another country sometimes, hotels, food, serverything also the screws of abutments sometimes breaks and has to be replaced just in case. Immediate loading implant procedures is popular because of less trauma, less Total treatment time, less anxiety of patient and discomfort, better acceptance by patients, better cosmetics and function, cheaper cost per implant so patient can afford more implants, to be done, reduced micromovements by placement of several components (healing abutment and screws) disturbing implants, patient not being charged for coming back treatments.
(Often at the end of the 1990s the technology was applied more reviews showed that immediate loading dental implants had similar high success as of conventional approach (delayed conventional Implants)

If Flapless Surgery procedures for Dental Implant Surgery is followed, there’s no gum recession because there is no gum incision, less discomfort if any, Patients are able to go shopping in malls right after surgery.

With proper selection of cases, good treatment plan, careful, skillful surgery and good prosthetics. Design and plan are important for best results. When Immediate Loading dental Implant system is used. For success of the Implant, there should be primary stability during Implant insertion and loading, presence of adequate bone volume, density and using longer, and wider dental implants.

The Implant surgery in much shorter time, healing time is reduced, no complications after surgery and lower usual high price of dental implant procedures.

Therefore more patients can easily afford to have one more dental implant.

Historically, experiment studies have shown that dental implants integrate well under loading and may even result in better integration.

Studies have shown an increase in stability with resonance frequency analysis from time to time of Immediately Loaded implants with good bone response to the implants. Short term results of immediate loading techniques for lower implants overdentures have comparable success with conventional implants. A flapless technique reduces bleeding, less surgical time, less postoperative pain, soft tissue inflammation healing. Short term surgical reports and outcomes clinical of both immediate and delayed implants were similar and comparable to implants placed in healed alveolar ridges.

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